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Who is Privatized Air?

An Original three-piece alt-rock/garage punk band from San Diego, California

Formed in 2009 by singer/songwriter/guitarist jonnyQ, whose unique vocal style has been compared to Richard Hell and Jello Biafra, Privatized Air is a powerhouse of raucous, grooving, proto-punk-styled rock. The quirky, darkly smirking vocals provoke, with lyrics that demand one's attention and thought.

Q's guitar is crisp, sharp, and piercing. Drummer Nicky Vasquez holds the band in formation with an inhuman strength best demonstrated by his relentless kick drum and fondness for turning drumsticks into splinters. Bassist Laura Smashley completes the band's sound, bringing a biting, melodic, frenetically-percussive low end.

Privatized Air has been compared to artists such as Iggy and the Stooges, the Cramps, Tom Petty, Jack White, the Pixies, and the Replacements.

Privatized Air has a strong DIY ethic. They book and manage their own regional and national tours, and have played venues across the country.

Privatized Air has recorded five albums to date; all were self-released on Hold My Beer & Watch This Records. The latest, entitled "Sleeping In Cars", was recorded at Raunchola Productions in San Diego and released in June 2016. This record was produced by Privatized Air, engineered by Rich Mansor, and mastered by Chris Hanzsek.

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